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Use more, pay less

Annual subscription of    USD 499



Use more, pay less

Annual subscription of    USD 499



Price List of 2017

Annual subscription of USD 499

Price includes:

  1. Free over-flight & landing permits for up to 10 services per month for all categories (120 per annum)
  2. Free revisions for any request if applied before delivering the permits
  3. Multiple Users (Up to 11 Users)
  4. Free use of the App benefits

Charge types:

  1. Annual subscription bill: USD 499
  2. Monthly Permits bill, based on the pricing structure
  3. Air navigation bills with 5% on third party invoices

Pricing structure: use more, pay less

Category 9: 1-10 services, Price Free

Category 8: 11-20 services, Price is USD 95 per service

Category 7: 21-30 services, Price is USD 90 per service

Category 6: 31-40 services, Price is USD 85 per service

Category 5: 41-50 services, Price is USD 80 per service

Category 4: 51-100 services, Price is USD 70 per service

Category 3: 101-500 services, Price is USD 60 per service

Category : 501-1000 services, Price is USD 50 per service

Category 1: 1000+ services, Price is USD 40 per service


  * Service: Is a permit per country per leg Or a permit per landing per airport.

  * Number of charged services is billed monthly after deducting 10 services which are free.

  * Charge will apply for obtained permits only, if cancelled before delivering the permit there will be no charge.